Tayden Dental Consulting Calgary


Every great team has a coach. Our role is similar. We step back and take a bird’s eye view of the situation and assist the team in determining and implementing the best solution. Running a dental practice can be lonely. Who do you turn to for support and advice? Turning to an employee or a spouse is often not the best idea. We are there to support, encourage and motivate as you move your practice ahead.

Dentistry is busy. Each member of the team has a role to play in working with the patients. Who has the time to focus on systems, policies and efficiencies? Even office managers find themselves pulled into a role of ‘putting out fires’ and dealing with urgent issues. Business management provides the team with an organized and efficient system to support them in working with your patients and each other. A strong foundation breeds creativity, innovation and exceptional patient service.

Our number one priority is quickly developing a trusting relationship with you and your team. The relationship is similar to the one you have with your patients. If they don’t trust you, they won’t believe that they have a dental problem and they won’t enlist your help in fixing it. This is true for dental practices. If the team doesn’t trust our intentions or have faith in our methods, no change will occur. Thankfully, we have a track record of working very well with team members. It is clear from the start that our motivation is to enhance their job satisfaction, which in turn benefits the patients and the practice.

We have all had various levels of success with attempting to change a behaviour or a habit. Some are easy to adopt and others are more arduous. Dental teams are busy. The time available on a daily basis to try on a new behaviour is limited. This means it takes longer for it to become a habit for one person, let alone an entire team. For this reason, many of our clients work with us for a full year, at which time we evaluate progress and determine next steps. Others may have a more focussed project for us, which means a shorter timeline.

The first step is to meet with us to talk about your needs. We can quickly determine if we can help you. Once a mutual decision to work together is made, we begin with a detailed questionnaire for the team. The purpose of this is to give your employees an opportunity to share their experiences in the practice and for us to learn about the team dynamics. Step two is an in-office Practice Evaluation and Report. We spend several hours in the practice reviewing reports, observing the team in action, talking to employees and gathering information. A detailed report of findings is reviewed with you, and if we feel a mutual fit, the work begins from there. Most of our work occurs through weekly, bi-weekly or monthly office visits. This is customized based on the needs and location of the practice.

Yes. While we have the benefit of working with multiple dental practices, you can rest assured that the suggestions we make and the systems we implement are tailored to you. Your business, employee and patient information is not shared. We take privacy seriously. One of our services is providing Privacy Impact Assessments…that is how serious we are about it!

Our work is tailored to meet the needs of your unique practice. We begin in the area that is keeping you up at night. Some of our clients have a small project they would like our assistance with, while others ask us to work on all systems in all areas. We have found that the most effective method for implementing lasting change is to visit a practice frequently. For most practices this means weekly office visits and offsite correspondence with the team as needed. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and to learn how we can help.

Our initial consultation is customized to meet your needs and comfort level. Phone, online or in person meetings are all available.